Credit Card Images

credit card images


Typical FICO score for “bad credit” is a low of 300 rising to 650. However, card issuers may still grant unsecured credit cards to customers with a 650 credit score. This is considered as “poor credit” rather than “bad”. Best credit card fair credit issuing firms may offer high APR and interest rates. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Best Credit Card Fair Credit For Cash Back

One thing that every credit card holder cherishes above all else is a chance at receiving cash backs. Best credit card fair credit for cash backs that you can get this year include; the “Discover it® Secured” and the “CapitalOne QuicksilverOne Cash Back Rewards” credit cards. With a FICO score of between 640 and 700, you can obtain the “QuicksilverOne Cash Back Rewards” card. What’s more, you will get a cashback of 1.5% on each and every single daily purchase you make. However, this credit card attracts an annual fee of $39 and a standard APR of 22.9%.

Best Credit Card Fair Credit For Fraud Protection

Apart from an attractive design. What can be seen on credit card images are the security features, including; a smart chip, expiration date, hologram, card number and security code. However, even with these security features, credit card fraudsters can still illegally obtain credit card info through the use of “fishing sites”. Best credit card fair credit for fraud protection this year is; “Indigo® Platinum Mastercard®” and “CapitalOne Platinum” credit cards. You can enjoy using the latter with a credit score of between 640 and 750. Also, use an online based CreditTracker to carefully monitor activities on your account. You will be able to protect your account from unauthorized credit when your credit card has been compromised.

Final Thoughts

While there are credit card issuers that would willingly grant you unsecured credit cards on a below-par FICO credit score. You should always endeavor to attain “good credit” ratings and this will enhance your choice of credit cards and credit limit.