Canadian credit card zip code

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Canadian credit card zip code is simply the postal code that is linked to the official billing address for a credit card issued to a person by a Canadian bank or credit card issuing company like Visa. Learn more about the credit card zip code Visa right here.

What Is The Canadian Credit Card Zip Code?

A resident of Canada applying for a credit card from your bank or credit card issuer like Visa will be required to fill an application form. A requirement of this form is the credit card official billing address. Banks, as well as credit issuers such as Visa, use this information as one of their security checks to prevent credit card fraud. For example, if your credit card is stolen and being used. The user would be required to provide the registered zip code of the credit card. Failure to provide the Canadian credit card zip code information would lead to the credit card thief being unable to use the card for any meaningful transaction.

How To Use Canadian Credit Card Zip Code For Your Visa

Using the Canadian credit card zip code for your Visa card is easy. Whenever you are asked to provide the Zip code for your Visa credit card, you should simply input the 3 numbers of your respective postal code. You then add a couple of zeros after you have entered the three Zipcode numbers. A typical example of this is if your ZIP code is – “B3C 5A2”. What you should enter as your Zip code should be “35200”. The three numbers from the postal code are “352” while a couple of zeros are added to give you a number with five digits.

An Added Security Measure

Canadian credit card zip code for Visa like your credit card’s security code or CVV number offers an added security measure. As mentioned before, the request for your ZIP code during an online transaction, for example, helps to safeguard cardholders from credit card theft.