Emporium Credit Card Reviews

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Bad credit can really limit your ability to purchase items, especially in online stores. However, there are very good Emporium credit card reviews from customers who initially had poor credit that suggests this is a credit card worth a second look. Check out highlights of the Emporium credit card reviews from users in this article.

Emporium Credit Card Reviews – Criteria For Getting Credit

Emporium credit card is used by customers of Emporium.com an online store. It allows users to purchase online items on credit with payment made in parts over a scheduled period of time. Going through some Emporium credit card reviews from valued customers, it is a known fact that Emporium does not charge any interest on the credit granted to customers. Emporium credit card users don’t need “good credit” to enjoy buying any of 100,000+ branded items from Emporium.com. However, to be eligible for Emporium credit card, you need to be 18 years or over, be gainfully employed and have a valid checking account. Income derived from Social Security may also be accepted. 

Emporium Credit Card Reviews – What’s So Special?

The emporium black card reviews suggest that users are in for a great time. For starters, the Emporium credit card does not come with an “Intro Rate APR”. There are also no annual membership fees. This credit card offers different interest rate options which are linked to the payment schedules on offer. There is an interest rate of 100% spread over 12 months and a 37% interest rate spread over 36 months. From different Emporium credit card reviews by customers, users of the card can get as much as $5,000 in spending credit. As customers settle their debts, their records get sent to top credit bureaus which boosts their credit score over time. 

Emporium Credit Card Reviews – Final Notes

No down payment is required to own an Emporium credit card. Approval for this card takes just seconds after application. You can then use the card to buy branded items on Emporium.com. Indeed the glowing reports in Emporium credit card reviews are truly justified. This credit card is certainly one that anyone with credit issues should seriously consider getting.