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Home Depot is a retail shop for home construction and renovation items with its headquarters in the US. Apart from outlets in 50 states in the US, they also have stores in China, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. With credit card payment system, you don’t need cash to buy items from Home Depot. Learn more in this article. Credit Card Payment System

Home Depot introduced several credit cards to cater to the needs of individual and corporate consumers. To this end, they provided “consumer” and “commercial” credit cards. While these cards are issued by a variety of banks, Citibank issues the “Home Depot Consumer Credit Card”. This is a consumer credit card that forms part of the credit card payment system. Consumers that own this credit card can purchase home renovation and construction items without the need to pay cash. This is a convenient, stress-free method of payment and one that Home Depot believe will boost the rate of consumption and indeed sales.

How To Be a Part Of Credit Card Payment System

You can be a part of credit card payment system as a consumer by simply visiting Click this link and you are taken to a “Credit Center” page. On the left-hand column of this page, the “Consumer Credit Card” option can be seen under the “Manage Your Account” heading. Click on the option to get to a secure login section for the “Consumer Credit Card”. Click “Register Now” for a new account or enter your “Username” and “Password” to gain access to your registered account. Once you log in, you can check activities on your account, increase your credit limit and also settle pending debts. To settle debts, click “Sign On” and follow the instructions.

Tips For Using Your Registered Account 

If you access your account on on a shared network avoid choosing the “Remember My ID” option that pops up when you attempt to login. Access your account often as failure to do so after 18 months would require you to re-register. Also, change your password every 2 to 3 months as a security precaution.