Mymilesaway Credit Card

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For anyone looking for a credit card that offers zero annual fees, impressive reward bonus points after a short time of use and many other benefits, Mymilesaway credit card is such a card. This credit card is fast becoming the preferred choice of many residents of Washington DC and you can find out why in this review.

Features Of The Mymilesaway Credit Card

Apart from zero annual fees, this credit card also offers users a lot of other beneficial features. Some of these features include: 

  • No initial percentage APR for a period of 6 months of using a credit card to purchase items.
  • A continuing low percentage APR of Prime including 9.99%.
  • Different credit card designs to choose from.
  • Notifications and alerts via SMS or emails. These notifications and alerts include reminders for payments, changes in address and prompts for international transactions.
  • Compatibility with QuickBooks makes viewing your statement of accounts and managing your expenses so much easier.
  • Chip technology is used in these credit cards for enhanced security.
  • Payments can be made with electronic wallets like Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Benefits Of Mymilesaway Credit Card

When using Mymilesaway credit card you can accrue reward bonus points pretty fast. With this credit card, you get 10,000 reward bonus points in your first period of use which translates to $100 available for you to spend. If you accumulate 5,000 points, you can redeem gift cards at retail stores and restaurants around the US. Some of the retail outlets include department, electronic, sports, pharmacy and clothing retail stores such as; the Banana Republic, The Gap, Aeropostale and Old Navy. While some of the restaurants you can redeem gift cards at include; Starbucks, Panera Bread, Olive Garden and Seasons 52. You also get a grace period of 25 days with no added interest on expected payments. 

Mymilesaway Credit Card Cash Back

This credit card also offers you another bonus rewards like travel and cash back rewards. With the cash back reward, your redeemed bonus reward points are used as a statement credit to pay for whatever items you purchase with your credit card. These are the reasons why you should get your own mymilesaway credit card today.