Active Credit Card Numbers

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Real active credit card numbers are not difficult to come by. You can easily get approval for a credit card from banks and other credit card issuers once you meet and fulfill their requirements. Get to know what some of these requirements are in this article and why you can’t rely on other sources for genuine credit cards.

Age And FICO Requirements For Real Active Credit Card Numbers

To get active credit card numbers you would need to officially apply with a bank or a credit card issuing service firm. These credit card numbers can be obtained from these financial institutions only when you have satisfactorily met their various requirements. Two main requirements include;

  • Age Qualification: You will qualify for an active credit card only when you are 18 years +.
  • FICO Score: Your Fairs Isaac Corporation or FICO score is essential to the type of credit card you may secure. Generally, you should have a score above 700 to qualify. However, some banks and credit card issuers do consider individuals with a FICO score in the region of 650 for a secured (collateralized) credit card.

Real Active Credit Card Numbers – Store Specific Credit Cards

Credit cards that actually allow you to pay for goods and services can only be obtained legally. There are megastores like Walmart that offer store-specific credit cards which allows you to purchase items from any Walmart land or online store on credit. The requirements for these type of cards could actually be less stringent than those offered by banks or credit card issuers. However, these credit cards are used for limited purchases and only in specific stores. These cards offered by megastores is another way people can enjoy paying for commodities at a later date which is basically what credit cards are all about.

Real Active Credit Card Numbers – Beware Of Scams

You should be wary of credit card generators or individuals who promise active credit cards. This could be a scam to relieve you of your money. Real active credit card numbers obtained illegally could also land you in real trouble. You could be charged for credit card fraud and face criminal prosecution.