Credit Card Nickname

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What is a credit card nickname? Just like human beings have nicknames that relatives and close friends know them by, so also can credit cards be given similar nicknames. In this article, you will know what a credit card nickname is and why it is important.

Let’s know what Is A Credit Card Nickname

Well, as explained earlier cardholders can actually give their credit cards nicknames in order to easily identify them. It is possible that a person has more than one credit card from a single credit card issuer, so by giving their credit card a nickname, they would be able to tell one credit card from the other. If for example, you have a couple of credit cards from MasterCard, you could decide to name one “My First MasterCard” and the other “My Second MasterCard”. This way you can tell one MasterCard credit card from the other.

What Is A Credit Card Nickname? – The Importance Of A Card Nickname

The importance of a card nickname an not be overemphasized. As stated before, you can use a nickname to differentiate one credit card from the other especially if they are from the same credit card issuing service provider. Apart from easily identifying one credit card from another, having a nickname for your card is a form of card personalization. What this means is that you can easily monitor activities on a card without any confusion as you know exactly which card it is. In addition, it helps you to manage your payments better and to also know the credit limits on each card. 

In Summary

What is a credit card nickname? as explained in the article, is simply a cool way to identify credit cards. You can also avoid the embarrassment of using an expired credit card or one whose credit limit has been reached when you give your credit card a nickname.